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Andorra and The Pyrenees


Fantastic roads, great scenery, good food.

Andorra has it all which is why we keep going back.

Join us for our eleven day / ten-night trip which is scheduled to avoid the swarms of skiers who go there for their holidays.

Our trip will take us on some of the best biking roads in Europe. When we reach the Andorra and The Pyrenees you will see what everyone raves about; miles of smooth tarmac with sweeping bends and the odd tight one to maintain your concentration. If that is not enough you will be amazed by the stunning views round every corner.

Don’t forget your camera!


We are happy to escort you all the way (ideal for first-timers) or if you would prefer to travel at your own pace we can provide you with the Sat Nav co-ordinates for the hotels. Likewise, when we arrive in Andorra we can show you some of the great routes or you can explore and find your own routes.                                                  But be warned if you find some interesting routes we might steal them off you.


The evenings will be spent in a local restaurant / bar in the picturesque town square where we can swap stories about the day and plan for tomorrow.

Your return crossing with Eurotunnel, 3 - 4 star en-suite hotel rooms are included in the price, as is breakfast and secure parking at all hotels. However, additional security measures are recommended.


Please note the itineries quoted for our trips are to be used as a 'guide only'.  We reserve the right to alter the actual route due weather conditions, road and traffic conditions or a majority vote by the group. However, we are happy to provide Sat co-ordinates for all Hotels so that individuals can take alternate routes if preferred.



 Day One: 252 miles

An early crossing on Eurotunnel and a quick rundown the autoroute to Senlis for lunch and then cross country to our first overnight stop at the beautiful river side town of Montargis. You will be spoilt for choice with a wide selection of restaurants and cafés to suit every taste.




Day Two: 188 Miles

Leaving Montargis., we head through France to Clermont Ferrand, our lunch stop is in the picturesque town of Nevers where we can enjoy the view over the Loire River, then moving onto our overnight stop Clermont Ferrand. The town is surrounded by a chain of hopefully dormant volcanoes and on the Massive Central mountain range (more about this later)

Clermont Ferrand


Day Three: 242 miles

Day Three brings us to one of the highlights of the trip; a run down the A75 auto route to Millau. How can a run down an auto route be a highlight? Let me explain………. the A75 runs down the spine of the Massive Central mountain range and it has the honour of being the highest motorway in Europe at 3,841ft above sea level at one point, but that is not the whole picture. As it weaves its way through the mountains it takes on some very un-motorway like characteristics with sweeping bends, steep inclines and at one point a drop of 2000ft in 6 miles. This why it has various restrictions for LGV’s and vehicles towing caravans.

After all that, the A75 still has more to offer; the stunning British designed Millau Viaduct, at almost 900ft above the Tarn River it is the tallest and longest suspended road bridge in the world. We will make a stop at the purpose built service / viewing area and if you feel energetic you can walk up to get the all-important photos.



                                                                   A75 Autoroute                                                                                            Not quite your average motorway




A work of art  by British architect Norman Foster





What a handsome fellow!  

(You can’t see him still wheezing from the walk up the hill, but it is worth for the view)



After a break for lunch, we head cross country to the fortified town of Carcassonne for an overnight stop with stunning views of the hilltop fort.


The Hill Fort at Carcassonne




Day Four: 100 miles

A short day today, as we begin our approach to Andorra we will see the Pyrenees mountains rising ahead of us. A coffee stop in Camurac and then onto our base for the next three nights, the principality of Andorra. It is a tax haven for Europe’s rich folk and an under used heaven for skiers in the winter months. 



The road into Andorra

It would appear that no one can build a straight road in this part of the world !




Day Five, Six, Seven;  

Here we are at the start of three days of biking heaven where we will travel along, over and occasionally under the Pyrenees, switching from France to Spain and back again while wearing a silly grin.

Ride with us or go exploring on your own!

We will meet up in the evenings to re-live our experiences and plan for tomorrow.

How about a visit to the Monastery at Monserrat as it clings to the side of a mountain?

Or maybe Barcelona as it is an easy day trip from here?



The Monastery at Montserrat




                         Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in the centre of Barcelona.           

 The church began construction in 1866 and the project was taken over the artist Gaudi in 1883





Day Eight:

We return to the village of Millau for an overnight stop with an impressive view of the bridge from down in the Tarn Gorge. You will soon realise why the bridge was needed when you see the size of the roads through the town which took all the traffic that now uses the Millau Viaduct.









Day Nine:

We head up to the town of Moulins, on the main square is an amazing art nouveau style cafe and elsewhere in town is one of the most elaborate chocolate shops you will ever visit..







Day Ten:

Our final stop over is in Chateau Thierry which was the site of the first engagement of American troops in WW1 with the Germany forces. Above the town is an impressive war memorial dedicated to the 2,300 members of the American Expeditionary Force who lost their lives during the Battle of Château-Thierry (1918). Also, an opportunity to rest and reflect on the trip.



Chateau Thierry




American War Memorial

at Chateau Thierry





Day Eleven:


The last part of our trip sees us heading back towards Calais and our late afternoon Eurotunnel train back to Folkestone and a chance to exchange contact details and think about the next trip.









How much will this amazing trip cost?


Single traveller sharing a hotel room                                   £ 1,400 per person   £1250 per person

Single traveller with their own hotel room                            £1,660 per person    £1550 per person

Pillion sharing a hotel room with their rider                         £ 1,200 per person    £1050 per person


Non -refundable deposit of £50 per person payable at time of booking

Balance due a minimum of 6 weeks before start of the tour.



The tour price includes

  • Return Eurotunnel crossing
  • 10 nights 3 / 4-star hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Sat Nav co-ordinates for each hotel
  • Route plans if you require them
  • Hotel Parking




The tour price excludes

  • Petrol
  • Toll charges (vignette)
  • Admission charges
  • Meals other than those specified
  • Any fines (if you are being silly)




The Small Print:

Although we will make every effort to stick to the itinerary detailed above; we reserve the right to make changes where necessary.  

ECM Tours also cannot be held responsible for any traffic, road or weather conditions on each day of travel 

ECM Tours cannot be held responsible for any delays in your channel crossing to or from the UK, whether caused by bad weather or any other circumstances. In the event of a delay you will be responsible for providing your own meals and accommodation. ECM Tours reserve the right to request you leave the tour if your behaviour both on the road or at the destinations is considered to be dangerous to others or disrespectful to the other members of the tour or to the residents of the places we visit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Your Vehicle:

You are responsible for your own motorcycle, the manner in which you decide to ride and for any pillion passengers.

You are required to ride within the law in any country visited.                                                                                          

ECM Tours will not accept any responsibility for violation of the law.

Valid motorcycle insurance is your own responsibility and must be valid for the duration of the tour. Although most comprehensive policies provide European cover you are required to let your insurer know when you will be travelling abroad.

You are required to take out your own European motorcycle recovery policy.                                                                                    

ECM Tours accept no responsibility for transporting you, your bike or your pillion to any alternative destination in case of breakdown or accident. Furthermore, in case of motorcycle breakdown (mechanical) the cost of any repair or service will be solely the responsibility of its owner.

You must carry your driving license, insurance certificate, current MOT and vehicle registration document (V5) at all times

Depending on our exit agreement with The EU, you may be required to hold a European Driving Permit which is obtainable from a Post Office



Medical insurance is your own responsibility and must be valid for the duration of the tour and must cover holiday cancellation, accident, illness and death. Please check that you are covered to ride motorcycles abroad as many travel insurance policies only cover up to 125cc. Motorcycling is usually listed in the Dangerous sports section of the policy small print.                                                                                           

From our own experience The Post Office travel insurance DOES cover riding larger capacity machines.

You should obtain the new E111 card (application form available from your local Post Office). This is an agreement within EC countries and will enable you to claim back a percentage of any medical fees.


UK passport holders should carry a valid passport at all times. Non-UK passport holders must ensure that they meet all visa requirements for the countries included in the chosen tour. 


The trip is based on a minimum of six guests travelling with us, if the trip is not filled it may be cancelled and in this case ONLY all monies paid will be refunded.

If you decide to leave the tour for any reason ECM Tours cannot accept responsibility of refunding any money.

We also reserve the right, in any circumstances, to cancel your booking, giving you eight weeks’ notification and a full refund of all monies paid, unless the circumstances are beyond our control.

Refunds will not be made in the following situations: war, threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural disasters, fire, technical problems to transport, closure or congestion of ports, cancellations or changes to schedules by carriers ceasing to operate due to adverse weather conditions or other reasons and similar events beyond our control or where we cancel because you fail to pay the balance of your holiday cost.

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